The case:

Changing the way young people learn about finance.

The client:

Commonwealth Bank is Australia’s leading provider of integrated financial services and arguably Australia’s most well-known and highly-regarded financial institution.

The challenge:

The Commonwealth Bank’s Start Smart program aims to teach students about financial literacy and empower them to make wise financial decisions for themselves. The Start Smart website has to be accessible to anyone that wishes to use it (students, parents, and teachers) on as wide a range of devices as possible.

The solution:

We worked with the Commonwealth Bank’s nominated agency and selected WordPress as the platform. We needed to build the website to the absolute gold-standard at the time. This included every best-practice solution, including w3c validation, clean and lean code, and minimal reliance on third-party plugins. WordPress and its vast selection of available plugins can be a challenge to manage and maintain. However, with correct architecture and planning, it is a solid, reliable, and terrific platform.

After undergoing thorough performance, and security testing, as well as a full accessibility audit, the website passed with flying colours and now serves a valuable place in teaching young people how to be better with finance.

The result:

Start Smart is a successful accessible website that the Commonwealth Bank can rely on to further its valuable mission to teach financial literacy to young people. It continues to be a powerful platform, now also including digital delivery of the programs.

The tools:

  • Web development
  • WordPress development
  • Project management