Patient Familiarisation Program

A large pharmaceutical company approached us to work in collaboration with their programs organiser to help develop an online system that would support a pilot program for a new ADHD drug.

Previously programs were manually run with teams of reps and a lot of paperwork.

TBST digital engaged with the programs organiser to understand the existing process. After several meetings an extensive map of user paths was developed.

Key Points

  1. Reporting on key milestones on the user journey allows us to continuously improve the program.
  2. Previously, patient compliance was quite low at around 30%. By introducing automated reminders, and visual tracking aids for patient progress, we were able to increase compliance by 100-150%.
  3. Making sure that the user interface was extremely simple and clean was important due to the low technical literacy amongst user groups.

“This has been the most successful program ever run by our company. It is easy to use, easy to understand and extremely helpful for all stakeholders.”

  • Highest number of health care professional onboarded
  • Increased patient compliance
  • The program will now be used for the full rollout when the trial is complete
  • We have now started to implement a second program for other departments.