About TBST Digital

How we work

Our values inform our relationships with our partners and clients.

These guiding principles have been articulated here so it can help you make a decision about working with us! (We believe that shared values makes for healthy and profitable relationships).

Long term relationships

Real value is cultivated over time.

We strive to have a co-operative relationship with our clients. It’s a cliche to say our clients are our partners, and though we like the sound of it - to achieve this status with our customers takes a long time and a certain amount of investment from both sides.

System thinking

This ensures quality, drives problem solving and creates scale.

By creating frameworks and patterns, we form standard structures and processes that allow us to iterate, and improve over time.

This thinking also aligns with where we believe the power of digital sits, and forms the basis for automation and the foundations of scale.

Be goal oriented

Our approach to problem solving starts with your desired outcome. Your goal provides the north star of focus for our shared projects - guiding opinions, hypotheses and rationale for change.

Creating value with the right skills

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