About TBST Digital

What is digital?

The term "digital" is vague at best, and at worst is a tangled web of jargon.

But this is because it’s a broad subject area which underpins all of the key business pillars - from accounting to marketing, logistics and fulfillment.

Our approach is focussed on developing a meaningful digital practice within your business, and is centered around the following 3 beliefs:

Be Dynamic: Progress over perfection

Because digital is online and changes to an online asset can be pushed at any time, you can make changes and iterate quickly.

Therefore make progress over perfection.

In otherwords, create minimum viable products, minimize your opportunity cost and maximises market feedback. Put more simply: reduce your risk and increase returns.

Be Agile: Adapt to change

Organisational decision making can be slow - and when this happens, you lose not only the advantage of making quick changes to your digital assets, but you lose the efficacy of being iterative.

Overcome this by developing thought frameworks and provide boardroom leadership to keep your business competitive.

Use Data: Information, insight and action

The voluminous amount of data available is overwhelming and distracting.

Whilst data is powerful and game changing, you need to act often (iteratively) and quickly (with agility) to harness the power of a digital practice.

Stay focussed on the important things, filter out the noise and keep moving towards your desired outcome.

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