Elevating Orana in a competitive Market.


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The client

Orana, an ambitious car rental company, set out to offer exceptional service over competing on price alone.

The challenge

In an industry fixated on undercutting prices, Orana’s goal was to differentiate itself through superior service and value. They needed a digital platform that could keep pace with their growing fleet and distinct market position.

The solution

TBST walked alongside Orana’s journey, developing websites that evolved with their expansion. From 30 to 300+ vehicles at two locations, we closely collaborated with Suraj Shah, Orana’s founder, to build a digital presence that truly supported their growth. The final website was seamlessly integrated with Rental Car Manager (RCM), streamlining the booking process into Orana’s ERP system.

The result

Orana’s website has transformed into an essential business tool. It’s not just about bookings; it’s about delivering a customer experience that matches Orana’s dedication to value and service, securing their spot as a front-runner in the car rental industry.