Patient Familiarisation Program

Patient Familiarisation Program

Developing a Digital System for a New ADHD Drug Pilot Program.



Provided Services
Web Development
Application Development

The client

A leading pharmaceutical company launching a pilot program for a novel ADHD medication.

The challenge

Transitioning from traditional, manual program management involving extensive paperwork and representative teams to a more efficient digital system.

The solution

TBST Digital collaborated with the program’s organizer to deeply understand the existing manual process. Through detailed meetings, we created an extensive map of user journeys. Key developments included:

  • Implementing automated reminders and visual progress tracking tools to significantly improve patient compliance.
  • Designing a user-friendly interface to accommodate users with varying levels of technical proficiency.

Key Points:

  • Enhanced reporting on key milestones for continuous program improvement.
  • Dramatic increase in patient compliance from 30% to 130-180%.
  • Simplified user interface to accommodate all user groups.

The result

The revamped pilot program became the most successful in the company’s history, marked by high user adoption rates among healthcare professionals and significantly improved patient compliance. The success of the program paved the way for its full-scale rollout and inspired the development of a second program for other departments, showcasing the power of digital solutions in transforming healthcare initiatives.